Monday, June 1, 2020

Lifting as we Climb

The motto of the National Association of Colored Women was 
"Lifting A We Climb."

It's been a tough weekend.  I would like to suggest a book for us to read, Lifting as We Climb:  Black Women's Battle for the Ballot.  

African American women fought on so many more fronts than white women.  They received little or no support from their white counterparts and faced traumas, lynching, and even death because of their advocacy.  

I had always intended to spend more time on African American suffragists but with the pandemic, I have--for the most part-- focused on lighter topics.  I suggest you re-read the original post on Lifting as We Climb here.   Also recommended reading would be the link about Mary Ann Shadd Cary here and Mary Church Terrell here. This week, let's focus on the brave women from the African American suffrage movement.

In the meantime stay safe.  Have a good day.

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