Friday, May 29, 2020

Flower Friday! May 29, 2020

After last week's post, you may understand why I was concerned when my yellow climbers began to bud and showed red.

No fears though, I have pretty yellow blooms!

And so do many of our cyber friends.  This week we honor our foremothers by posting flowers of yellow, purple, and white!  This week seems to be full of irises and columbine!

Barb S. shared these lovely white columbines!

I have some purple columbine in my garden:

Barb Z. shared purple and yellow irises!

White irises by Rosa!

Lorraine B. gifted me some iris tubers last year and they are a lovely shade of lilac!

And then there are Siberian irises!  Purple from Anna and John:

 White ones in my garden!

Please feel free to email ( photos of the lovely blooms in your gardens or that you see as you walk about!

Have a safe and pleasant day!

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