Friday, May 1, 2020

Flower Friday: May Day!

Good morning!
It's May 1 today and the perfect day to celebrate Flower Friday.  In 1915, May 1 was not simply May Day but "Universal Suffrage Day" and the scheduled time for women to plant suffrage seeds in their gardens. Today we celebrate the efforts and courage of our suffragists by posting blooms of yellow, purple, and white on the internet!

Libby from Tennessee was way ahead of us and had already bought flowers of yellow, purple and white for her garden!

Aren't they lovely?  These blooms make my heart sing!

Karen shared some photos of dandelions she saw on her walk.  The dandelion is a humble flower but in this part of the country is a delicacy used for salads and for making wine:

This week I'm sharing photos of a tulip that blooms in my garden.  I think they may have been a gift from one of my kids, because I don't normally buy tulips  for the garden because the squirrels eat them.  I've had these tulips for many years and for whatever reason, the squirrels leave them alone.

They are perfect metaphor for the suffrage movement.  The buds begin as a creamy yellow color. As they develop, something magical happens and they become white with purple edging.  It may look a little pink in this photo but trust me it is a purplish color.  They make me smile every single year!

If you want to share photos of flowers in color of yellow, purple, and white, feel free to email me your pics!

Happy May Day!

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  1. Beautiful flowers and a fine reminder of what our mothers earned for us - the right to vote!