Thursday, June 25, 2020

This and That Suffrage News!

Good morning!  Today I'm featuring a number of small items.  First of all, in the great state of Tennessee, a Woman's Suffrage monument is finally being placed.  Read all about it here!

Tomorrow we will tour Linda's Garden for Flower Friday!  If you would like to be included in "Flower Fridays"--please email me your photos of yellow, purple, and/or white flowers:

A friend sent me this last week.  I loved it:
Here's why I love this so much.   It's wrong.  What is wrong?  Well as you know, women had gained suffrage by 1920.  So I looked this up and found info (of all places) at

According to Snopes, the women are eating fruit pies, not pizza and pizza wasn't even introduced into World War 2.  BUT I found information on the internet to dispute that fact-- pizza was introduced as early as 1905 in some northeast cities.  So nice photograph but I couldn't find any research that supported this myth in an actual newspaper.

Finally, I know many of my blog readers are living in states that are surging with the pandemic.  Beth and I are praying for you all.  Please stay safe.  We all need a diversion so next week, we will be publishing lighter posts because the actual news remains grim.

 We send all of you virtual hugs.  Stay safe.

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