Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The 1913 Parade

In 1913, a huge parade to support women's suffrage was organized; women from all the states and even other countries wanted to participate.  So did African American women.  A number of women from Howard University asked to participate and whether or not the women should participate became a quandary for the NAWSA organizers.

It's been long recorded that southern women had balked at marching alongside African American women and threatened to not participate.  Some writers have stated that the Male Suffrage League had stepped up and placated the southern women by having the men march between the white and African American women in the back of the parade.  

Ida B. Wells was ready to march with the Illinois delegation when she was told before the parade began that she needed to move to the back with the other African American women.  She balked at this suggestion and waited along the street with two white women allies.  When the Illinois representatives approached, she and her friends joined the Illinois delegation--in the front no less--and marched with her state.

There's a great article on this parade here and I recommend it you read it!

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  1. I remember reading about this in Votes for Women, and thought it was so ridiculous! Women should have equal rights with men, but only white women...