Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Dollies for Dollars, Part 1

One of the most common things that dolls were used for was to raise revenue for the suffrage cause.  Suffrage booths were often set up at fairs and other local events; it appears that dolls were profitable (and popular) because it was such a widespread product.

Pennyslvania--Reading and Pittsburgh--1915

Girl with decorated buggy, early 19th century

One of the most charming fundraisers came from Selma, Alabama.  Suffragists held a Suffrage Doll Bazaar shortly before Christmas.  A big draw of the day in 1916 was the "Parade of Doll Buggies"; children decorated  their doll buggies and their dolls and competed for prizes.  Candy and assorted other treats were furnished and dolls and doll furniture as well as other wares were sold.  It is most likely that this event only drew upper-class and white children.  Newspaper articles reported that the winning buggies were decorated with pink crepe paper and assorted other finery.

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