Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Anna Julia Cooper

"They call me the Mother of Black Feminism, but I just call that living my truth.  My theories seek to achieve social justice against the balance of conflict and power that stands in our society..."  ---Anna Julia Cooper

Anna Julia Cooper (1858-1964)

Anna Julia Cooper was born into slavery and spent most of her 105 years tirelessly fighting for African Americans and particularly, African American women.  A writer and a teacher, her first was book was published in 1892 and entitled, A Voice From the South By A Black Woman of the South.  Anna was only the fourth African American woman to earn a doctorate in Philosophy which she completed in 1925 at the tender age of 67; she had completed this at the Sorbonne!  She was one of the most prominent intellectuals and an engaging speaker.  Her social theories are still discussed today.

Today I am going to provide you with a link to an interesting article that was published on her in The Atlantic (here).  Please take a few minutes to read this or better still,  read Cooper's book-- I read a lot of it last night on Google books for free.

Stay safe and well!

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  1. Gracias por acercarnos a esta heroína incansable por ser negra y ser mujer
    Cuídate mucho