Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Suffrage Cookbooks

"I made meatballs with ground Turkey tonight!  Delicious!" my cousin posted this morning.

Many folks, like Beth and her daughter, are experimenting with sourdough starter and make their own bread.

Last week I posted a photo of "Linda's Spinach Pie" on my other blog and got lots of requests for the recipe (if you want it, email me).

During this pandemic, food has become a frequent topic of conversation.  Many of us are posting what we've been cooking, sharing recipes, and hunting for new things to make for our families.  

I thought this might be the appropriate time to talk about Suffrage Cookbooks.

The first suffrage cookbook was published in the United States in 1886.  One researcher suggested that at least another half dozen were published until 1920.
The original Woman Suffrage Cook Book is now republished and sold on Amazon but you can view it for free on Google Books here.

The cookbooks raised much needed funds for the cause but more importantly, allowed women to counter the stereotype that suffragists were not family oriented and masculine.

In 1915, Pennsylvania suffragists published their own suffrage cookbook:
Yes you can read it for free here.

One of my favorite recipes can be found in this particular publication.

Pie for a Suffragist's Doubting Husband

1 qt. milk human kindness

8 reasons:
White Slavery
Child Labor
8,000,000 Working Women
Bad Roads
Poisonous Water
Impure Food
Mix the crust with tact and velvet gloves, using no sarcasm, especially with the upper crust. Upper crusts must be handled with extreme care for they quickly sour if manipulated roughly.
Have a great day and stay safe!

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