Monday, November 20, 2023

Rest in Peace, Rosalynn Carter


Last night it was announced that First Lady Rosalynn Carter had passed.  She was a great GREAT lady.  Her compassion was immense, not only in the work of Habitat for Humanity but her support of folks with mental health issues and the aged.  A wonderful tribute quilt of that moment is here if you wish to look at it.

Some of us have donated quilts to Habitat for Humanity and many of us have donated funds to this wonderful cause.  

During this week of thankfulness, I'm so grateful for her kindness and leadership through example.  Rest in Peace First Lady Rosalynn Carter.  Thank you.

Rosalynn Carter Rose


  1. "Well-done, thou good and faithful servant." I'm grateful I had the opportunity to learn more about her when I toured the Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta earlier this year.

  2. Yes she was a great lady, an amazing woman. I guess we always thought he would be the first to go, bless his heart.

  3. Some people burst into the public eye but not Rosalynn Carter. . . she strolled in and your couldn't help but notice her kind gentle ways.

  4. I've read her book (and all the First Ladies books) and I am especially fond of Rosalynn. She was the real deal, a person with her feet on the ground, not full of desire for personal gain, and a genuine desire to help others. I was happy she got to fulfill her wishes in the many years after the White House. Thank you for posting about her, Michele.