Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Plaid Quilts


Happy Wednesday!

I've been studying plaid quilts.  I've been reading a lot as my hand recovers and reviewed some of my quilt catalogs and books from the 20th century.

A while ago, I wrote about plaid quilts a while ago (here) before I embarked on my own gingham style quilt.  

To be honest, it's taken a good half century to overcome my prejudice against plaids;  my bias was rooted in having to wear ugly plaid Catholic school uniforms in my youth.  

But anyway....

Sometimes it is so important to review the old books and catalogs because you find even more things that you hadn't taken notice of previously.  Plaid quilts are very popular now and apparently they were during the 20th century.

"Scotch Plaid" quilt from a 1941 Mountain Mist catalog.  Twenty some years later, in the booklet, 15 quilt for Today's Living, the "Scotch Quilt" was introduced:

Years ago, Beth and I were dreaming of quilts we would make when she retired and I have to remind her of the "Plaid-ish Scrap Quilt" tutorial and pattern we admired a few years ago.  The free pattern is here.   Since then, it appears a second quilt tutorial has been added over at Kitchen Table Quilting.  The pattern is called "Plaid-ish 2 Quilt" and is available (also free) over here.

Have you made or considered making a plaid quilt?  

Have a safe and happy day!



  1. Hilarious as I loved my plaid uniform! of course it was one of the prettier plaids out there. Dark blue with red and yellow accents. Who thought brown plaid pleated skirt was anything but a penance? lol I use plaids in my quilts but haven't really made one to look like plaid. I am intrigued by the Mountain Mist is my next to sew list????

  2. I've made more quilts with plaid fabric than I have as plaid patterns. I do have Plaidish printed out and right now I've downloaded Plaidish 2.

  3. Oh man about the uniform! That would be a hard one to overcome. ;) I love plaid quilts and love your gingham plaid one! I have a booklet called Mad About Plaid and have made one quilt from it, but it was a chain quilt and doesn't look really plaid. And I have the Plaid-ish quilt pattern - it's on my list to make.