Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Century of Progress Patterns


I have a copy of a booklet Sears marketed after the Century of Progress World's Fair.  I thought I would share the whole booklet with you!   Since it is a 23 page booklet, I'm breaking them down into 2 parts.  Half today and half Friday.  I love reading the text because it provides so much insight on techniques of the past.  I hope you find it interesting too!

Questions I have for you:  Which is your favorite pattern?  What the heck is left-handed thread?  Any other tidbits you found interesting?

My booklet was copyrighted 1934.

More on Friday!

Have a safe and happy holiday!


  1. I think "left hand" thread refers to the direction of the twist. That would determine which end you knot. I have no clue if such a thread was marketed, though.

  2. What Libby said. Thread and yarn can be left or right hand twist, more commonly called S or Z twist today. Hold a thread or yarn vertically and which ever way the ply goes matches the letter.

    Thank you for sharing this pamphlet!