Friday, November 17, 2023

Beginnings and Endings: Lucky's big hair cut


Happy Friday!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?  

Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude and feasting.  To me, it's also the end of the gardening season.  Even though frost has killed off most of the plants, I'm still cleaning out beds and pruning.  This all ends next week when the city stops collecting yard waste.  On Thanksgiving I'm also grateful that I can rest until the spring jazzes me again.

But for Lucky, it's a new beginning.  Yesterday the vet put him under and shaved off all his matted hair.  They said afterwards that it would have been unrealistic to have anyone do this as a grooming.   My vet calls this "a fresh start for Lucky."

How is Lucky doing without his matted hair?  Well he was mostly hungry when he got home.  Then he wanted to be held and kept warm...until my neighbor came over with a new toy for him and then he wanted to play with her and the new toy 😁
Yes, poodles (and most dogs I suspect) know how to play our heart strings.

Our sweet groomer has already scheduled all his appointments for the next year.  Poodles have the advantage of not shedding or causing allergies but they also have special grooming requirements. 

Lucky often stands on his hind legs to look around and when he did that yesterday, my neighbor and I decided he looked like a black meerkat.  

Lucky may be a year and 3/4 or so, but in many ways he is only about 2-4 months old.  Next week I start training him more (once he is used to his clothing wardrobe).  

Wishing you all a very happy and safe weekend!


  1. Lucky is so, so cute! I'm sure he feels better. LOL on meerkat!
    One of our kitties is 11 and no longer grooms herself. She won't let me brush the mats out, so we have to periodically shave mats off her, and she actually doesn't mind that. After we do, she seems to feel so much better!

  2. How lucky is Lucky! He is receiving such wonderful care. I find it so hard to think of any innocent thing- animal or human, suffering. Yes he does look like a meerkat with that pose.