Friday, November 10, 2023

F is For Friday


Happy Friday everyone!  Are you ready for the weekend?

After the Plaid article (here), Sue sent a photo of her plaid quilt.  She made this for her grandson and I think it is ADORABLE!

Speaking of dogs...

Our little ragamuffin Lucky continues to acclimate to his new home.  As my brother said, "we are teaching him the joys of being a dog."  Clearly Lucky wasn't cared for properly and when he got him, he didn't know the name the previous owners called him (the shelter knew this from his microchip).  His family had moved away and just abandoned him on the street.

There were a considerable amount of things he didn't know besides his name like...

It's good to be a lap dog.

Clearly as evidenced when we put him on my mother's lap, he was not at all sure about this.  I really worked on this with him and now he LOVES being on my lap in the evenings when we watch tv.  It's also a good time to cut out matts from his hair and brush him (oh yeh, he didn't know what the brush was but he likes it now).  Speaking of his hair...

Jessa, our groomer, insisted on meeting him on Monday even though it was her day off.  She's my Goddaughter and we are very close but she always insists the new dogs visit her once before she grooms them so they can be acclimated to the shop.  The bad news is that Lucky's matts are so bad that he is going to have to be completely shaved (yes we bought him a sweater already).  The matted hair is a health risk to him at this point and we are addressing that with our vet today as well.  

Jessa had a few suggestions we will take up with the vet but if worse comes to worse, she will work on him for 30 minutes each Monday until he is cleaned up.  As she pointed out, anything more would be too traumatic for him.

On the brighter front...

My brother Jim taught him the joys of playing with toys.  We have two large baskets of toys here but he never paid attention to them.  So my brother literally laid on the ground and played with him.  Fortunately, Lucky is eager to learn.

It wasn't until that same evening that you could see the lightbulb go off in his mind.  Now he prances all over the house carrying his purple dog.  He still hasn't realized that HE can make the toy squeak and that should be hilarious to watch when that happens.

"I got a toy!"

Jim also got him a chew bone of his very own and he decided he likes that too:

My sister-in-law Janet met Lucky this week too.  She is still recovering from the stroke and has a lot of cognitive impairments.  The one thing she has remembered?  Lucky's back story.  She told my niece every detail a day after we got him.  Lucky met her on Tuesday and what was interesting was that he sat with her the whole visit.  I mean the WHOLE VISIT.  He's going to be a good family therapy dog.

So that's Lucky's updates.  

Wishing you a safe and happy day!


  1. What an uplifting way to start the day! Everybody is winning! Thanks for sharing this lovely story, Michele..

  2. Oh my goodness Lucky is a treasure! How fun to teach him how to be a beloved member of the family. :)

  3. F is for Fala! And your pup is indeed lucky to have found you as his new family.

  4. Wonderful story on the Lucky and his new family. Makes me happy.

  5. Wonderful to hear about Lucky. I'm so glad he has a loving home now.