Thursday, November 30, 2023

Last Day of November


Happy Thursday and happy last day of November! 

I don't have much today but am debating which quilts to put out for the winter holiday:

The close-ups show the colors better:


or maybe something else that I made myself?

Do you change quilts for the holidays/seasons?

Tomorrow we will have Flower Friday since Louise sent nice photos from New Zealand!  

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Yes, I change out my quilts to match the seasons. I don't have a lot of Christmas quilts because I use a duvet all Love both of the quilts but would be tempted to put teh green/pink on for Christmas and the red/white/green on for January. The pink and green looks cozy and the red/white/green looks clean and uncluttered, like what I think of for January. :)

  2. Yes, I change quilts for the season. Can't wait to get the tulip quilt back on the bed! I would use the Honey Bee for Christmas because of the red-green-white colors. Looking forward to seeing Louise's pictures of New Zealand flowers.

  3. Yes, I change the quilt I hang on the banister over the basement stairwell as well as a wall hanging in the living room. Our bed quilt rarely changes as I don't have king-size quilts for the seasons.

  4. Those are lovely quilts! I do change out quilts - mine are mostly lap quilts, so they just go on the back of the sofa. :D