Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Tuesday's This and That: January 3, 2023


Happy Tuesday!

Sue sent this meme last week and it struck a chord with me:

I agree, knitting is calming and so is the sound.  I think most of us also have childhood recollections of the sound of the sewing machine as we played.  It's another rhythmic sound that can bring back so many memories.  

Do you have memories of the whir of the sewing machine when you were a child?


The phrase of the day is "Semiotics of Dress."

This phrase is defined at wikiepedia:  

"The semiotics of dress is a term used to refer to the design and customs associated with dress (clothing), as patterned to a kind of symbolism that has rules and norms. It is the study of how people use clothing and adornments to signify various cultural and societal positions."

I'm not a big follower of beauty pageants but this photo of Miss Ukraine's costume for the Miss Universe pageant is more than a costume.  It's filled with symbolism:

It's also a big contrast to Miss Russia's costume:

What are your thoughts on these costumes?


Wishing you a safe and happy day!

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