Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Tuesday's This and That: January 10, 2023


My husband left for work after being home for nearly 2 months.  It's been great having him home but now it's "shutdown season" when many of the plants and industries he works with do maintenance to keep their big ol' machines and such going.  This week he's in Texas.

Before he left, I told him I wanted to escape for a day before I have more on my plate because he's gone.

I went shopping at the local flea market mall!

The photo above is a photograph of a dry good store that was not far from us in the early 20th century.  Isn't it neat?

So anyway...I shopped.  Happily, most of the folks at the market were wearing masks and I felt comfortable.  I haven't been to any kind of flea market or auction since the pandemic began.  Although I saw a few quilts, they were primarily utility quilts and the high prices of them somewhat shocked me (considering the condition, age, and workmanship).

My husband and I discussed the prices after I got home.  Is the rent higher at the flea market now that heat prices have gone up so much?  Is there a high demand for quilts right now?  Or perhaps there are few quilts on the market these days.  Do you have any guesses?

So what did I buy? The only thing I found was one photograph for a dollar.

The back of the photo indicated that this was "Beverly at one and half years old".  The photo was taken in 1949.  I just couldn't resist this cutie pie, her doll, and string of mittens (remember those!).  

That's all I have today and I think I might take tomorrow off as I am going to be sewing.  Wishing you all a safe and happy day!


  1. I'm a little younger than the girl in your last photo but her coat, snow pants, and mittens brought back memories. I wore an outfit like hers until I was at least five or six and I remember trying to squish the skirt of a dress into the tightness of snow pants! It was an ordeal and never worked very well, but I stayed warm.