Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Ring on Ring

 Happy Wednesday!

Quilters are passionate people and they are full of imagination.  We tend to see the potential in the world.   One quilter told me, "Every time I look at floor patterns, all I see are quilt patterns."

For years, before there was a wider variety of fabric prints, I would look at my clothing and think, "This fabric would make a great quilt."

So it shouldn't surprise you that I found a quilting pattern (as in quilting and joining the layers together) that I think would make a neat modern quilt.

"Ring on Ring" was published in 1932 and featured a quilting pattern designed by Florence La Ganke.  There is something very art deco about the design, don't you think?  

I can almost picture this in Hercule Poirot's apartment (from the Agatha Christie mysteries) when I look at this design.

The design makes me wonder if Florence was inspired by something modern she saw.  I think it would make an interesting quilt and especially if there were 4 blocks placed this way:

Okay maybe that is too elaborate.  It somewhat hurts my eyes and brain to even look at it.

Of course you would have to like doing curves in order to do this pattern as a quilt.  It probably would be best hand done.  I may not like curves but I know people that do (in particular, Beth).  

Do you like this pattern?

Have a safe and happy day!

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  1. I love that design. It definitely goes with the 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair: A Century of Progress. I would rotate it a quarter turn so that four repeats would interconnect. Another entry on the to do list!