Thursday, January 19, 2023

Slow But Steady


I love finding vintage quilts that feature the turtle pattern:

Although I see them infrequently online, I've never seen one up close.  Often I see the patterns for them indicating that they are a perfect pattern for a child's room--and in particular a boy's room.



1930 above and below:

This pattern is less literal and not one of my favorites:

I've always liked turtles.  We used to have tiny green ones when I was a kid until the pet stores stopped selling them.  Occasionally my Dad would bring box turtles home from the plant he worked at for us to look at and then return them to their habitat.  But my favorite turtle story occurred in 2015.  My husband and I were walking Seamus at the park when a neighbor came to us alarmed because a turtle was on the baseball field.  She thought it was in distress and since Seamus was a a gentle dog, we went over to inspect.

Turned out that the turtle was simply depositing her eggs...near second base 😃

Whatever you are doing today I hope you take it slow and steady!  If you have anything to share for Friendship Friday, please email me thoughts or photos to

Have a safe and happy day!

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