Thursday, January 12, 2023

Garden Dreams

Only 67 days until the first day of spring!

The majority of my garden developed from seeds or cuttings.  When we first moved here, my husband helped me set up an array of seed starting tables in the basement.  He wired lights with linear grow lights in them, installed on a timer.  Plants are like people; they grow in all different kinds of ways:  some need light to germinate, others need darkness.  Each type of seed has a unique depth needed in order to grow.  

I don't start that many seeds anymore.  More of my time is spent thinning but I still get excited when the seed catalogs come and I love dreaming.

I also like looking at quilts that have a garden theme.  My favorite for years is this one that was featured in Quilting Digest.  Read about it here.  

Of course there are a ton of garden inspired quilts in our history!  I have to confess, I prefer 20th century quilts because the colors are often so pretty!

But one doesn't have to be so literal with a garden quilt.  This coin quilt (pattern offered at Etsy) is as fresh and cheerful as a spring day!

Are you perusing through seed catalogs these days and dreaming of spring? 

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Have a safe and happy day!

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  1. That log cabin quilt is wonderful. I love the way the maker has used darker more solid fabrics on the outside of the block and then lighter and more background as she transitions to the center. Very inspiring.
    I didn't really appreciate it till I clicked on the link and saw the construction.