Monday, January 3, 2022

Mojo and Noah's Ark Quilt


Although Beth and I chat on the phone at least once a week, it's unusual for me to hear from her on the weekends.  She's usually busy catching up and seeing her grandkids.  I was startled when she called me on Saturday and I answered the phone worried, "Is everything okay?  Is the new grandbaby okay?"  Beth laughed.  "I just called you to tell you I'm sewing!"

Beth and I are both caregiving our mothers so we've been busy.  Beth more so than me because her mother has moved in with her and husband.  Plus Beth had to clear out her mom's house and prepare it for sale.  Beth hadn't done any sewing since July.

"It feels great!" she exclaimed!

It does feel great to get back to sewing!  I was such a grump the last few weeks while my mom was sick that my husband couldn't wait for me to get back to the sewing machine.  When I did finally get back to the sewing room, I couldn't help but sing "Oh you beautiful doll, you great big beautiful doll," to my machine!

It's a new year and although I have specific projects I want to get done, I've decided to take the heat off myself.  No expectatations this year just have fun.  Part of this new philosophy derives from an email that Sue P. sent me reminding me to stop putting pressure on myself about UFOs and fabric stash.  As Sue put it, quilting is "to express ourselves creatively as we want."  Another lesson was from a post Jocelyn did a few months ago on her blog "Canadian Needle Nana" last year.  The post is here and she talks about her quilting mojo.

Last week was a grey and rainy and I couldn't get decent photos of the quilts I wanted to share with you today.  Today doesn't appear to be much better.  Snow is in the forecast.  Here in the Lehigh Valley we are only getting a dusting to an inch but south of us near Philly and New Jersey could get 3-6 inches.  Many of you have already had your first snow and our friend Diann posted the other day scenes from the snow that fell (yeah for precipitation in that part of the country) in Colorado (here).  

Still, I can't help that it seems such a shame because my little potted pansies were still blooming yesterday:

All this precipitation has reminded me of the Noah's Ark quilt pattern.  There are tons of them.  The story of Noah is found in many religions which makes the pattern ideal for a broad range of quilters.  I made a wall hanging from a British pattern years ago:

Today's pattern was printed in the The Reader, a Los Angeles newspaper in 1931.  Each time I printed the pattern, I couldn't help but read the adjoining articles which featured letters from people seeking help during The Depression.  The newspaper itself was calling for donations to help provide baskets of foods to residents.  

I never found out who created this Noah's Ark pattern:

The quilt pattern was published as a contest.  "This contest is open to anyone who care's to clip The Record's woman's page and work them into a coverlet."  Prizes were pretty good too!  The first prize was a three-piece walnut veneer bedroom suite (choice of full or twin bed).  Second was an interspring matress; third was an attractive bedroom lamp; fourth and fifth prizes were a "genuine crystal onyx guaranteed electric clock.

The animals are fun and fairly easy to embroider.  I am particularly fond of the moose:

And the donkey:

If you want a copy of the pattern, email me.  Later this week I will assemble a pdf of the whole pattern and can email you a copy. 

Have a safe and happy day!

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