Thursday, January 13, 2022

Anne Orr Crib Quilt


I might send this photo to Rose Marie Werner this weekend when the weather gets colder.  I found the quilt years ago and purchased it because I simply like it.

I was very surprised to find that Rose Marie attributed this pattern to Anne Orr.  There is no title or date for the quilt but the kit was apparently offered in a leaflet called Anne Orr's Quilts.

Anne Orr is better known for her geometric patterns that look more like cross stitching.  You can see some examples here at Pinterest.  But as I continued to research, I found some examples of traditional applique:

I love the gentle and charming children on this quilt and hope you enjoy the close-ups of the blocks:

Like Marion Cheever Whiteside Newton's applique patterns, the children's faces are not embroidered.  It's a sweet quilt and one of my favorites.

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Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Very cute quilt, the applique is beautiful!

  2. Love this sweet quilt. Beautifully appliqued. I find the grey blue background an interesting choice for a child's quilt. Different but I like it.