Friday, January 14, 2022

Friendship Friday: January 13, 2022

 Howdy Do!

Sue found this piece in a drawer in her house.  She has a house that she describes is like Christmas morning: she never knows what she is going to find in a drawer when she opens it.  That sounds pretty magical to me!  

So this piece Sue thinks was probably made as a dresser cover for a nursery.  Sue, do you think it could be a layover pillow sham?  Not sure of the size but I've seen these kinds of shams for cribs before:

The dog is tipping his hat to the lady cat:

And the lady cat is pushing her baby carriage with the kitten:


Half a Goose?

Nann wrote after the Brown Goose post this week and said that the block looked really familiar to her.  She finally realized that she had seen half a goose!  The pattern is featured here!  Thanks Nann!

Also check out these blog posts (here and here) from Wendy who recently visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to attend the "Fabric Of A Nation" exhibit.  Fantastic photos!


I added Collette's blog to the side bar (Readers' Blogs).  I know I might have overlooked some of you, please let me know as I am sure our friends from this blog would like to visit yours!


I spent most of my childhood in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  One of the things we always loved to do was to collect horse chestnuts.  We always knew the trees weren't American chestnuts; those trees had become blighted earlier in the century and as far as we knew were extinct.  

But I bring you good news today!

This past month, more and more articles are surfacing that talk about the potential revival of the American chestnut tree.  A good article you may want to read is here.



  1. Reading your posts is like stepping back into the past and visiting my maternal grandmother. These were the type of embroideries she had on display in her home. In the fall we often went out to their line fence and picked up horse chestnuts. I don't remember what we did with them though. Happy stitching!

  2. Did you know you could use chestnuts to ward off spiders? I put them between the windows and screens to keep them out -- well, at least reduce the numbers.