Friday, January 28, 2022

Friendship Friday

Happy Friendship Friday!

Many of you were interested in the Nancy Page Snowflake Quilt and I was happy to send a copy of the pattern to you.  I am so grateful that Madelon sent some photos of her quilt that features the pattern.  She was the owner of the quilt that I saw at Study Group years ago and it is really fabulous.  One thing I want to mention is that the background is blue.  It's difficult to see the true color (the photo of the full quilt is most accurate).

Thank you Madelon!!!

Isn't this gorgeous?

If this piqued your interest, I'm happy to send you a copy of the pattern.  Please email me at

51 days until spring!
Lorraine's birthday was this past week and she sent some photos to cheer us all up!  Here is a bouquet of Alstroemeria and other flowers she received for her birthday and some sweet African Violets!  Happy Birthday Lorraine and love the table runner as well!

Lorraine also sent a photo of two pots of amarylis that are sprouting!  Makes me long even more for spring shoots coming up (and it is snowing as I wrote this).


The Paris/Prussian blue post interested many of you.  Nann asked me the name of the Agatha Christie book that discussed thallium poisoning and while searching for that, I found an interesting story.

In 1976, a very sick child from Qatar was flown to a London hospital.  As doctors attempt to diagnose the patient, a nurse realized that the symptoms mirrored a book she was reading by Agatha Christie.  The book was called The Pale Horse and discussed thallium poisoning.  It was indeed what the child had.  Apparently thallium was used in rat poisoning in Qatar and the child must have digested it.  The child lived and returned to her family.  The NY Times headline was "Agatha Christie Book Saves An Infant Life"; we all know the nurse actually saved her life but what can you do...


What made me laugh this week:

Two local trade cards made me giggle this past week.

Today's ad agencies would never advertise China and Chamber sets together:

Back in the late 1970s/early 1980s I had a friend who loved antiques (actually a lot of us did then).  None of us were that knowledgeable but we liked making our homes pretty.

Every time I stopped by my friend's house, I was struck by a pretty pot she had on display on the sideboard in her dining room.  "You must really love that pot," I said to her one day.  She said: "It's such a pretty soup tureen so I wanted to show it off in the dining room."

Real friends will tell you when you have a piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth; they will also tell you when you suspect their 'soup tureen' is really a chamber pot.  I told my friend my suspicion and when she investigated it, the chamber pot was removed from the dining room.  We still laugh about this!


Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!


  1. That's such a funny story about the "soup tureen." You were a good friend!

  2. She is not the first to assume that pretty pot was for soup! And having watched TURN on Netflix that "gravy boat" might have also had a different use!