Friday, January 7, 2022

Friendship Friday: January 7, 2022

 Happy Friendship Friday!

We received our first snowfall last night.  It appears to only be an inch or so but it is a good reminder:  it's high quilting season!

Here is a quilt that Betsy finished and that I love!

The pattern is called "cracker" and Betsy used all her mask left over scraps!  It's gorgeous and the backing is fantastic!  Not only does the back coordinate well with the front, it has kitties on it for you cat lovers!

Each block is 4.5 inches and Betsy explained how she made it (always love that!).

"Thanks for the appreciation of my quilt. I did not use a pattern, I figured it out from a picture I had saved.  
It’s simple. I made it with small pieces because my scraps were not large. 

  Each block:
3- 1 1/2” wide strips , 3 1/2” long. Center strip is white. 
One print + 1 white 3” square, cut diagonally for the square within a square. 
White triangles go on the long sides of the strip pieced squares as you can see. 
I trimmed / squared up both  inner squares and finished blocks. There are something like 280 something blocks.

My color sense in my own from design courses in college and working as a floral designer!"

Thank you Betsy!  Your quilt really has me jazzed and I am sure that everyone visiting the blog will LOVE it!

Sue P. is yearning for spring too.  Here is a photo of her lemon tree.  She planted a lemon pit and now her tree is 22 inches high! WOW!

"These, hope and dreaming of rototilling get me thru,"  Sue wrote about these cheerful violets:

And one final treasure from Sue P.  Do you remember seeing string holders when you were a kid?

"That's all folks!  My granddaughter says this pig looks like  he is eating spaghetti!"

Have a safe and happy weekend friends!


  1. Betsy's quilt is lovely, a great use of scraps. I have Amaryllis bulbs budding, hopefully I'll have flowers in winter soon. Happy stitching!

  2. Love Betsy's quilt. Great job!

  3. Beautiful. colorful finish. Just the perfect quilt to show off against the snowy backdrop. Hope you are staying warm.

  4. The cracker quilt is wonderful! And had you not said that's the block it would have been hard for me to figure it out -- with the colorway and the setting it could be dark/light/dark strips + squares + hourglasses.

  5. That is a great quilt and block directions. Thanks!