Monday, January 17, 2022

26 Animals: Happy Birthday Betty White!


Happy Birthday Betty White!

Americans can't seem to agree on much these past years but it seems that everyone grieved the loss of Betty White.  

10 dogs that you can see in this 1930s quilt top.

I've been touched by all the people that have been donating to animal shelters in Betty's name for her 100th birthday.  Even folks in my neighborhood that don't have that much money have found ways to contribute to animal shelters.
1 Art Deco style giraffe

One elderly couple in my neighborhood cleaned out their closets and donated bedding and blankets to the shelter.  Another neighbor said she donated dog food.  My husband and I simply donated money.

1 sleeping kitten.

It shouldn't surprise us that there are even quilts that honor Betty White.  I found two on the internet:  here and here.  

When I read Betty's biography, I learned that her love of animals began as a child.  At one point, her family had adopted and cared for 26 dogs (at one time)!  So although I could have featured 26 dogs on this post,  I decided to feature 26 animals.  As we all know, Betty loved ALL animals!

Betty was particularly fond of tigers and was photographed with them all through her career.

8 dogs 

A dog and a horse

2 bunnies

The best quote regarding Betty's White that has been circulating around the internet is this one:  "Live your life so that when you die at 99, it is still too soon."

I like to think that somewhere in heaven, Betty is surrounded by her family and friends and the many animals she loved during her lifetime!

Have a safe and happy day!

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