Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tuesday's This and That: November 22, 2021


Alice shared this photo of an embroidered turkey that her grandmother made for a blue and white quilt.  I love all the detail!  Thank you Alice!

In my search for "Thanksgiving Quilts" I also found a presentation quilt entitled The Marian Year Thanksgiving Quilt.  In 1954, the quilt was made and presented to Father Eugene  Biggins by ladies of the Sodality Society at a church called Our Lady Of Good Counsel (in Salisbury MD).   In each block "there was hidden a favorite prayer of a woman of the parish and a donation".  This is one of the many quilts that I wish I could see.  How do you hide a prayer in a quilt block?


I have a whole folder of children's puzzles that I collected from a local paper. Published in the 1940s and 1950s, they just tickle me and make me laugh.  The reason I collected these puzzles was because often the headline for the puzzle was "Help Grandma plan her quilt."  Maybe you will have children visiting over the holiday and here is a fun activity for them.  You'll have to repair the puzzle a little, some newspaper copies are just too faint for me to correct:

Here's one that I tried to repair and make the lines darker:

The instructions:

"Using only 3 colors of crayons, color each area of this design for an old fashioned quilt so that the same color does not adjoin in any segments.  You must study diagram carefully to achieve this effect successfully."

By the way, Emma C. McKean was the illustrator who made most of the puzzles I have in my collection.  She's also credited as the first woman to have her original material accepted by comic books.  You can read about her here.  She also illustrated many children's books, games, coloring books, etc.

The solution for the puzzle is here and it's faint.  Good luck with that 😀


Another thing I read over the weekend was this blurb syndicated throughout the U.S. in 1933:

"Victoria's Wedding Dress"

"Pieces from Queen Victoria's wedding dress were shown in an old patchwork quilt exhibited at a fair at Melbourne, Australia.  The wedding took place in 1940."

I couldn't find more about the quilt.  There is an interesting quilt top in the Royal Ontario Museum.  It's a mosaic quilt that Madame Mallais (dressmaker to the queen) made of the queen's dress silks.  It's a stunner and you can check it out here.


Have a safe and happy day!

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