Monday, November 15, 2021

2022 Project: The VerMehren Romper Baby Quilt

 Last week I spent a lot of time writing about the VerMehrens and their Home Art Studio Company.  But to be honest, although their quilt designs are exciting, the designs are often way above my (mediocre) piecing skills.  

I found something in their advertisements that captured my imagination more:  their ads for baby clothes patterns.

Sun Suit No. 78

I have long wanted to embroider a quilt with little children in various outfits.  It's like a quilter's version of coloring paper dolls. 😊   The problem was that I didn't like the patterns I found.  

Until I discovered the Needle Art Novelties ads in the newspapers.

The more I printed out these illustrations, the more I was captivated.  After my mom came home from the hospital, she started to get excited about the project too.  We love the small details!

Child's Play Apron #2136

The illustrations are clear and simple enough to be embroidered.  I clean up the images as best I can and make flip copies in case I want to do two different blocks of the same pattern.

I can size the images on Word so that the children are uniform in size.  If you've never traced an embroidery pattern from an image, a light box is helpful (walmart has them for about $15).   I use Frixion pens to apply my designs on my fabric because the ink disappears by applying a steam iron.

Some of the images have details that are easily discernible.  Some features less so. I can easily overcome that challenge by ignoring the detail or adding my own.  For toddlers that are slightly older, one could add buttons or bows or other doo-dads.

On Baby Romper # 2129, the pocket images aren't clear but at least the cookie is 😀

These are three of the illustrations.  I have 13 girl figures and 7  boys and 1 baby that is well-- whatever.  

I'm wondering if you have a special child in your life.  Would you like to see more of these patterns and possibly use them for your own projects?

It takes me some time to get the images clear enough to copy but I'm willing to do it for my quilt and share if you are interested.  We can even do a sew-a-long if you like.

So the VerMehren Romper Baby Quilt will be my hand project for 2022.  It will be gifted to my great-niece who isn't even due to be born until May.  I hope to give it to her when she turns 1 or so.

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Hello....these are wonderful and perfect for embroidery ..... would love for you to share the others and appreciate your kindness in doing so..

  2. I agree with Laurel wholeheartedly! What a great idea. They are precious.I

  3. Those are SEW cute! Would love it if you were to make them available for us.