Friday, November 12, 2021

Friendship Friday: November 11, 2021

Happy Friendship Friday!  Today we have a lovely photo from Nann, who shared this wonderful photo of a coneflower seed.  What a wonderful orb!  

I try to leave some of these up through the winter, many of the birds love to eat them, including the pretty little finches!

Lorraine sent a photo of her irises that continue to rebloom.  She has three others in bud and hopes they get to bloom before the serious cold weather arrives!

It's really weird to see the iris against that autumn backdrop, isn't it?

Sue P. sent this photo of a baby pillow she owns.  She wondered if it was inspired by the Dionne Quintuplets:

Isn't this charming?  And the embroidery is fabulous!!

Sue said she was reminded of this pillow by the baby motifs I shared this week.    

Yesterday was Veteran's Day and I didn't get a chance to add this pillow design for you.  It's a sailor doll and you can copy the pattern from this image.  Often people just used fabric or patchwork for the back of the doll (a great way to use up orphan blocks!):

When I can, I'm still exploring the VerMehrens' Needle Art Novelties articles.  I have amassed quite a collection and am planning a particular quilt.  If you have a special child in your life (especially a girl), you might want to tune in on Monday!

Have a safe and happy weekend!


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  1. I just learned about remontant (reblooming) iris this fall. Love the color composition of Lorraine's photo. And I'll be sure to tune in on Monday!