Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Tuesday's This and That: November 2, 2021

Well it's Tuesday's This and That and I have a question for you.  How do you organize your projects?  I used to make lists but I'm at that age where I misplace the lists--yes even when I put them in notebooks. 😂  

I don't mind quilt tops; I hang them in my clothing closet as a constant reminder of what I have when I need a quilt for a present.  My biggest problems are pipeline projects.  I go to my sewing room and can't remember what projects I had intended to make.

I now have some goals that need to be done.  My niece Maggie is pregnant and due with a little girl in May.  Plus her best friend is pregnant with twins.  It's actually quite exciting for our family.  My kid brother has had a best friend since kindergarten.  The boys started a family at the same time.  Their little girls (2 each) were the same age and grew up together and have always been best friends!

3 of the 4 girls about 20 years ago...

Now two of the girls are pregnant at the same time which means we are about to have a third generation of friends.  Of course at this point, they are all family to us and before the pandemic always made time to visit over at Mom's, especially on holidays.


Preeti from Sew Preeti Quilts commented yesterday that the pattern, Indian Wedding Ring, is also called Pickle Dish.  Thanks Preeti!  It was driving me crazy to think of the name we normally call that pattern!  Speaking of Preeti, she designed a quilt pattern called Marsala Box which is in my head for a Pipeline Project!  Preeti is always sharing patterns for free for readers but this pattern she is selling on her Etsy shop.  I bought the pattern right away because I have a number of 2.5 inch Christmas strips that will be delightful in this pattern.  Best of all, she emails you a pdf file of the pattern so there is no wait!


You all often  crack me up with my comments.  Yesterday Wendy's comment made me laugh out loud.  She wrote:  "I love your ring story. Can't say I have ever lost enough weight for my rings to fall off. Maybe someday! However, I am very proud of the fact that I can still wear the same earrings I wore in high school - wink!"


A few weeks ago, I wrote about mid-western women writing the newspaper in search of quilt patterns.  One question came up that rang a bell,  who had a pattern for The Eisenhower Quilt?

The Eisenhower Quilt or Tumbling Blocks apparently was popular  in the 1950s.  When the President was a boy he helped cut the diamonds for the quilt.  His mother, Ida Stover Eisenhower was a prolific quilter and research on her work was published in the Uncoverings 1998 book.  The President had donated this quilt to the Gold Star Mothers who were restoring the house where he was born (see here for the house).

The pattern was sold for ten cents.

Have a wonderful and safe day!


  1. Now you are making me laugh! I try to organize my projects, but many seem to eventually travel down into the abyss. I have dozens of boxes of unfinished projects waiting to be rediscovered. I feel that if my sewing machine and iron are in the same room, that I am organized. How special that you have so many precious little ones to make baby quilts for. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. You have some exciting things happening in your family - how fun! Have you tried keeping a list on a write on/wipe off board? I have a quilting friend who uses that approach and it works well for her.

  3. Or name each project, on piece of paper and then draw the name of the next one to get worked on.