Thursday, August 4, 2022

Water Lily Quilts


We are expecting high temps today and it seems like the perfect time to feature water lily quilts.  Most of us are fascinated by these lovely flowers that float on the surface of a pool and look so ethereal.  I've been fascinated with them since I was a child.  My great-grandfather had a goldfish pond he built in his yard and I remember laying in the grass looking into the deep well at the flowers and goldfish.

The Victorians had lots of redwork patterns that depicted water lilies and used them not only in their quilts but on things like their splashers.

20th century kit quilts featured the flowers regularly.  I only own one and that is the Mountain Mist pattern.  I loved that it featured cattails along with the flowers:

But there are plenty more of these quilts!  Here's a few I found on online auctions, etc. for you to enjoy:

Another with cattails!

Currently on sale at Etsy is this one:

If you are looking for a more bold quilt, how about this one?

My favorite is the green one above.  I just love the bold background and the feeling of a cool mountain morning that it conveys to me.

Today will be a good day to stay in near the a/c and relax.  There will be time to garden another day and we don't want anyone getting sunburnt!  Speaking of gardens, what is happening in yours?  At this point, I appear to be growing rabbits more than anything else! 😂

To share what's happening in your garden, email photos to

Have a safe and happy day and stay cool!


  1. They're all lovely quilts! We have a lot of rabbits also but the squirrels are out of hand. We have so many black walnut trees on our farm and they support a huge population of squirrels. Just curious, what is a splasher?

  2. Wonderful collage of these particular quilts. I too have memories of seeing what we called Little Sally Saucers in ponds and lakes and being fascinated by them. How wonderful to see them rendered in cloth. Beautiful! That green is a gorgeous green. I too love redwork and am finally sorting my redwork birds. I think I was born in the wrong century.