Friday, August 19, 2022

Flower Friday: August 19, 2022


Happy Friday!

Today we have a nice selection of photos from Sue!
Thank you Sue!

Here's Sue's crepe myrtle:

I had to look this plant up! 
It's False Sunflower and it sure is pretty!

I love these photo Sue took.  The light is so interesting and the photo below of Rudbeckia and Phlox just sings "end of summer to me."

My favorite photo of Sue's is this one of her perennial amaryllis--and the fact that the picture was photobombed by Maggie May the cat 😁

UPDATE:  Libby was in Pennsylvania last week and visited the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania!  Here's a photo of the lovely view at Leonard Harrison State Park!


Over here in our garden, we had some sad tidings over the weekend.
The fox snuck into our garden Saturday night and ate all the bunny babies.  Mama bunny camped in our garden for over 3 long hours and tried to figure out what happened to the babies.

On a happier note, the cleome is in full bloom and always makes me smile.  When Nana Betty became too infirmed to garden, I would take large bouquets to her to cheer her up.  One day she called me and asked, "Tell me about this alien flower.  I just love it-- it's so unusual!"

It took a while to figure out what the alien flower was--cleome.  She never remembered the name but from then on it was just "alien flower" to the family!  😂

Have a safe and happy weekend.  
Wishing rain for ALL us!

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  1. Lovely flowers, as usual. Thanks for adding my photo! So sad about the bunny babies. I love to watch animal parenting. In our case it's mostly the birds.