Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Tuesday's This and That: August 23, 2022

 Happy Tuesday!

Last week the kids on our street were starting to get their back to school clothes and supplies; one can almost feel the approach of autumn, perhaps even more so because the leaves of the trees have been falling because of the drought.  Fortunately, we got rain on Sunday night and Monday.  Wishing you rain and good weather whatever part of the country you are in!


"I just hope that the quilts themselves, like art, give people a chance to wake up, to be just a little bit bigger than the ordinary, which is what we ask of art, what we ask of literature, what we ask of our faith, what we ask of our deepest and most important relationships and you know — what more? If one person in one exhibition is touched, that’s great."-- Ken Burns interview

The quilts owned by Ken Burns will be exhibited at the Wisconsin Quilt Show (September 8-10).  There's a great interview you can read here and for a look at some of those quilts, go to the Nebraska Public Media website here.


Things our foremothers knew

The November 1916 issue of Modern Priscilla featured Christmas gifts.  Included in that round up were patterns for cotton vegetable bags for storage in the refrigerator.

I saw a similar antique celery bag once on sale at a local flea market years ago and regret not buying it at the time.  Interestingly enough, I did some research on the storing vegies in these bags and judging from the response from not just websites but folks who use them, they appear to keep vegies crisper longer.  Have you ever used a cotton bag for this purpose?  I'm thinking of making my own since I'm always trying to keep our celery crisp.


I'm wondering if my posts seem less quilt centered.  

The reason is simple.  The digital photographs I had on an external hard drive got "corrupted" and are not available for use.  Yes, I need to rephotograph the quilts.  I need to get a camera as well.  

And I need to get better.  A few weeks ago, my neck went in to spasms and I'm not able to lift stacks of quilts right now.  I'm under the care of a doctor, on my second cycle of steroids and muscle relaxers.   I'm hoping to be able to turn my head to the left by next week.  I'm fine.  My husband is here to help and drive me wherever I need to go.  I'm getting by and it's much better than it was.  Just be patient please.

So in the meantime, I will continue to post about odd sewing things and anything which is in reach and can be photographed with the phone.  


Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Loved the Ken Burns video. Thanks for putting us onto that.

  2. Your blog is always sewing related so I haven't necessarily noticed a lack of quilts. I enjoy the information and the nostalgia you share.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. It's so hard to not feel well.
    I think your posts are interesting whether they're about quilts or about other kinds of fabric items. I especially enjoy that so many of your posts focus on vintage and antique handwork.
    If you make and use some of these cotton bags I would be really interested in hearing whether they keep vegetables as fresh as other storage methods.
    Thank you for reminding me Ken Burns's quilts. I remember seeing an online display of his quilts a few years ago. It would be such fun to see them in person.