Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Tuesday's This and That: August 9, 2022


How are you holding up in this heat?  Scout spends a lot of time cooling off in front of a floor fan we keep just for her enjoyment.  Actually most of our dogs have loved this fan and it's become part of our summer tradition. 

One of the articles that has been popped across my screen during these dog days of summer featured taking a siesta during a heatwave.  It apparently is being studied scientifically now and seems to improve productivity during these scorching days.

And speaking of sleeping...are hand embroidered pillowcases making a come-back?  I know some of you are going to say that kits for making embroidered pillowcases have continued to be sold at craft stores.  I stopped buying them because of the poor quality of the fabric.  But I certainly made plenty of them during my lifetime.

The ones that caught my attention are these new fangled ones that appear to be made by younger makers.  In particular, check out the variety offered at Annies UP Attic.  You can hit the link there if you want to explore what she offers.  Here's the one that originally caught my eye:

I grew up sleeping on embroidered pillowcases that my Nana Elsie stitched and I still remember how much I loved each new case that came my way.  They were so pretty and always featured flowers.  Still...I think I would have gone absolutely ga-ga for ones with wee whimsical animals and the sense of humor that I see on Annie's!  Perhaps my new little great-niece Remi would enjoy playful pillowcases once she is older and in her own bed (I have time---Remi is only 3 months!!!  😁)

Anyway, now I wish I could take a nap!

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. I still have embroidered pillowcases. I had a stack of them in my trousseau (remember those) and I hung on to them until the kids were raised. Now, I use them all the time.

  2. My Ukrainian grandmother embroidered them constantly. We always had an unlimited supply. She would mail them to us in NJ from Minnesota. One of my jobs was to iron them, as well as my dad's hankies and boxers! I've put a few away so they won't wear out. Wish I had saved more.