Monday, August 29, 2022

Back to School!

It's back to school time!

Last week my great-nephew started pre-school.  He was a bit of a handful at daycare last year (not wanting to take naps, etc.).  My niece told me he has a very structured and firm teacher.   She thinks this experience will be good for him. 
😂 Of course, Owen's antics just make my mom and I laugh!  

Across the street, 4 year-old Gavin is about to experience his first day of pre-school as well.  He was so excited after the orientation and couldn't wait to come over and tell me he had already made two friends!

The first day of school can be very emotional for young parents and first time students...unless you are Sunbonnet Sue:
1980s "September" Sunbonnet
Not everyone is happy to start school like this young British boy in 1952.

In countries like Germany, Austria, and Belgium, the first day of school is marked with presenting a 


The Schultute is that large cone that the little girl is holding.  It is filled with candy, small toys, and stationary and presented as the child leaves for their first day of school.  It's a big deal in these countries and interesting rite of passage that makes the first day of school exciting and fun for the child.  Here are some interesting articles you may want to read about this fascinating tradition:

Quilters have been celebrating school for decades!  Although the little red school house has many variations, the one below is my favorite because of the bell tower:

Turn of the century school house block (red has faded to pink).

An Apple A day Quilt, circa 1940s.

Despite our tradition of taking an apple to the teacher, I like the schultute tradition so much more!  What do you think?

Have a safe and happy day!

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