Monday, August 22, 2022

Monday is Wash Day


One of my sweetest childhood memories centers on Wash Day.  An older woman up the street had a granddaughter named Esther.  Whenever Esther visited, we played together.  One day, Esther's grandmother said we could play "wash day" on the back porch.  Grandma strung  twine between two porch posts, gave us a basin with soap, another with rinse water, and she even had tiny clothespins just right for little hands!  

Oh did Esther and I play that day!   We washed and rewashed our doll clothes all afternoon.  It was so satisfying when the clothes dried off in the hot summer breeeze and we could wash them again.  It was a perfect activity for a balmy afternoon.

Clearly this activity had a lot of allure for young girls.  I find photos all the time of little girls playing wash day!

Years later, I recreated that memory with my granddaughter Helena.  I had even found vintage small clothespins to hang the clothes. 

Fortunately, she was here every week day so she actually understood the concept of a wash line.  So many kids don't these days!

If you have a granddaughter/niece/ little one, don't forget about this wonderful activity!  And if you find small clothespins, you might want to make a small clothes bag like this one below:

The bag is small, only 4 by 7 inches completed.  One side has the girl with her wash basket, the other the words and pins.  Judging from the quality of the motif, I suspect this was from the early part of the 20th century.  I am now thinking that I will create the bag (soiling was already on the bag and is likely from age) so that when my niece Remi gets older,  she too can play wash day!

Have a safe and happy day!

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