Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Gift from Nann

Happy Wednesday!  This week was made substantially brighter because of a gift I received!

 Nann sent me a package!  It was such a sweet gift and I had to share it with you.

The main gift was an early coverlet of a Mama Goose!

Nann found this in a thrift store and said she thought of my collection immediately.  What a sweet and thoughtful gift!

I love that the piece has got early 20th century gingham in it.  I love this kind of gingham.  It's much sturdier than what we can get now.  The border is adorable but my favorite is the goose!

Just look at the detail of the embroidered fringe on the shawl!

If you remember the post I did Monday about The Duel, you will remember the article I cited about gingham.  Both gingham and chambray were popular during the first quarter of the 20th century.  The fabrics were favored because of durability.  Mama goose here has a gingham shawl but her umbrella is made of chambray.

Nann knew I was intrigued by the rickrack packaging she wrote about on her blog.  I had posted about it here.  She was kind enough to include some packaging and now we can all see it!

Wright's must have offered the doll clothes trims for some time.  Some of the packaging was before zip codes were used and some were later after zip codes were created:

Nann also included this little packaging of starch (it's powdered as starch used to be sold in this way).

I just love the graphic of the little girl and her mother!

Nann also included this blanket binding.  The color is what I call "Nana Betty Blue" because it was the color she wore the most often:

All of this delightful joy was packaged with the most perfect card from Nann.  The card features a Jessie Wilcox Smith illustration of a child reading which Nann knows I love!

I can't tell you what a pick-me-up this gift has been.  You know that my upper back was bothering me last week.  I also found out I need hand surgery again in the fall.   Kindness is sometimes the best healing agent in the world.

Thank you so much Nann!

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. The coverlet doesn't seem to have gotten much use. How old would its original owner (the baby, that is) be? 80's? 90's?

  2. What a sweet Mother Goose coverlet! Ah, and such lovely treasures you received! Warms my heart too!