Monday, June 20, 2022

Quilts That Got Away

 Some women dream of the "man that got away."  Not me.  I dream of the quilts that got away...

A little while ago, quilt dealer Julie Silber posted a photo on facebook of a quilt she had sold.  It stirred a memory in me of another quilt that I loved years ago.  Let's just put in the category of "quilts that got away."

I think you can see a photo of the Julie Silber quilt here.   I had seen a quilt similar to this many years ago at a local antique mall.  I used to visit the quilt on a regular basis.  I was filled with regret when it sold--and not to me.  

The quilt was what we might call concentric squares.  Barbara Brackman did a post about similar quilts called  White House Steps.  The quilt that I loved was made of wool and had a lot of orange and grey.  It did not have the half square triangles in the center.  The graphic quality of the piece took my breath away.  I should have bought it but now it has to live in my memory.

Another quilt I loved was brought in by a member of our quilt study group years ago.  I had posted the photo on this blog years ago so I don't think Liza will mind.

Liza had been interested in a pink and green quilt that I owned and we talked briefly about making a swap but it never came to be.  In a way I'm glad.  I rarely make a quilt that is similar to an antique one that I own.  

I love everything about this piece and even later purchased a brown fabric with pink flowers so that I could use up my 19th century reproduction fabrics and make my own version.  It's still on my list...maybe next winter?

There are many modern quilts that I have loved, coveted, or been inspired by.  Pinterest and other online forums make saving these images so much easier.  

Have you ever seen a quilt (antique or other) that you wished you owned?  

Take care and have a safe and happy day!

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