Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Lemoyne Star Wheel

I would love to tell you the name of today's quilt but it eludes me.  For the sake of today's post we'll just call it a Lemoyne Star Wheel.  I'm in a bit of pain because I strained my back (gardening of course).  So maybe that is why I can't find the pattern in Brackman's books right now or even in the Ladies Art Catalog.  It certainly is a pattern we have all seen:

I don't know why I bought this piece except that it was affordable and I thought Beth would like to have a go at it.  Beth used to own a quilt restoration business (she's now retired from that in order to save her hands).

Judging from the fabric, I suspect the quilt is turn of the century:

Notice the difference in the red above and below.  
The block above is where Beth and I removed the patch job that had been done on it and revealed the red fabric that had worn with age.  The fabric reminded us of the wear that denim shows after a number of years.  It might have been turkey red.

Below is the patch job.  A bright red that was machined directly onto the quilt.  We always thought the red fabric was from the 1950s or 1960s.

As Beth pointed out, we might not want to remove all the red but it is a lovely quilt that would be great as a wall hanging.  Of course the irony is that neither of us have big houses or large walls to hang quilts.

Anyway, my heating pad calls me and I need to rest again.  

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Is that a variation of the Mariners Compass? I love the red!

  2. Beautiful block and don't you love this hand stitched crinkled look to this piece. Faded but still a beauty.