Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Rock-A-By Lady

The last poem I'll feature by Eugene Fields this week is the "Rock-A-By Lady."  Although this embroidery transfer was probably created for a pillow sham, it works perfectly for the Rock-A-By Lady.  It would make a sweet wall-hanging!

I believe this is was inspired by an 1881 oil painting by Fredrick Stuart Church.  Renderings of this painting (actually called "The Witch's Daughter") were famous during the later part of the 19th century and even used in advertising.

A similar painting (artist unknown) looks even closer to our sham motif:

No matter who did what painting, the embroidery designs is perfect for the Rock-A-By Lady.  The poem describes as her the Rock-A-By Lady from Hushaby Street.  Don't you just love that phrase?

You can read the entire poem here.  

Tomorrow is another magical Flower Friday.  If you want to share any images from your garden, please email me at

Have a sweet and safe day!



  1. There is something about all these graphics/illustrations you share that make me teary eyed, Michele, in a good way, LOL. Nostalgic I guess. I think I've come across this particular illustration on a greeting card. It would catch my eye because of the owl. Lovely items from Nann.

  2. Reading the poem... she brings poppies.. caused me to recall that on my parents dresser was a bottle of either. I wondered if they might have used it on me, since all my life I've been having trouble sleeping. Opium comes from poppies, and old medical practices still prevailed when I was a kid.