Tuesday, June 21, 2022


 Happy first full day of summer!

Time to celebrate some fun outside!

Maybe you want to fish:

Enjoy wildlife:

Play some sports if you are coordinated.  I am not so this is how I look playing tennis or badminton:

Maybe do a little sewing outdoors:

Take time to smell the flowers!

Nice walks with your favorite pet!

Eat lots of fresh food!

And of course, always protect your skin!
A good hat is always recommended on hot a sunny day!

Have a wonderful first day of summer!


  1. I like the jump-roper the best of all these: the joy is palpable..the others are too prim and proper. I would not have liked the restrictions of the 19th century one bit. Janet T.

  2. You have access to a lot of Sue's a d some are intrepted rather oddly.