Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Tuesday's This and That: August 24, 2021

 First of all, thanks to Sue for sharing that wonderful story about the inmates who are now quilting.  Everyone loved that story Sue!

Thank you!

How are you all doing?  No seriously.  How are you making out in the pandemic and the weather challenges?  Around here, more and more employers and organizations have decided to remain virtual.  Please wear your mask (even if your vaccinated) and stay safe!

Another question--do you have a favorite pattern for a big floral print?  I'm just checking around and mulling a new to me fabric that I love.  I bought this new fabric from Connecting Threads:

I loved this fabric because it reminded me of an illustration by Margaret Tarrant that I love:

I'll make a little wall hanging for me but I bought enough yardage to work on a quilt.  I'm collecting ideas right now.  Sue gave me a few when she encouraged me to buy the fabric but I'm still unsure.  I won't make a decision on this for a few weeks when it's cooler.

On the vintage stuff front.  Today I'm featuring baby bibs.  I'm not keeping them.  Some are going to Beth for her many grandbabies to use, some I'll sell at a later date.  Some older ones:

Some 20th century ones:

I've seen this pattern in woman's magazines.  There was also a bunny, dog and bear bib pattern.  The one above is the cat.

Doll bib that I think  a child might have made.  I'm going to keep this one.  Helena used to use it on her dolls and was always careful with it because she knew it was fragile.

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Safe from the storm here in East Tennessee, but those west of Nashville are suffering big time. So much devastation and loss of life in a matter of minutes -- hard to fathom.

  2. Libby, We in NJ remember hurricanes Irene and Sandy. We can appreciate the heartbreak folks in Tennessee are experiencing. Where do you start to put things back together? And greiving the lived ones lost. Somehow we go on. Not easy. Glad you are safe.

  3. This past two months I have really felt pandemic fatigue. The weather here has been a series of huge storms with lots of wind, which has led to our losing a very large tree and loss of power for days. I, too am so sorry to see the losses in Tennessee. And of course there's all the fires....
    At any rate, cute bibs you've got there. I cross stitched several bibs for friends, but never seemed to make any for my kids!

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  5. I had a large floral reproduction by Pat Nichols for years before I finally got brave enough to cut into it. I realized instead of piecing it, I could cut it into big squares and put flying geese sashing around it. It turned out much more lovely than the pictures show.

  6. Sorry Michele, I can't seem to get the link to work.

  7. I used large floral prints in a Country Lanes quilt, for the center of the block and used batiks randomly color wise for the stepping stones out from the center. Turned out so well one of my friends wanted to make one similar. Granddaughter got it after graduating high school.