Thursday, August 19, 2021

Good Article

 Years ago, my friend gave me a t-shirt that said "Quilting is My Therapy".  

When do you know you have become a true quilter?  Well I don't think it is when you become proficient, or when your points match, or anything like that.  I think it is when something else happens...

like when you really think about the person you are making the quilt for as you work...

or when the first thing you think about when you wake-up is how you will arrange a quilt...

or how you can't sleep at night without looking at photos of quilts for inspiration.

Here's a great article shared by Sue P.!  I'm so grateful she shared this and found it very interesting.  

Thanks Sue and all of you, enjoy.  Here it is:  or here.

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Have a safe and happy day!


  1. Someone else posted a link to the WP article -- such a positive story! (And now I wonder if they take donations of fabric.)

  2. This brought tears to my eyes, particularly the statement that one inmate sends pictures of his quilts to his mother. Thanks.

  3. Oh what a wonderful article! Thanks so much for sharing it. It makes me want to volunteer to help at a prison. We make a lot of children's quilts at my local group but it is so rewarding to hear about these men who now have added meaning to their lives making their quilts twice as special.

  4. I might add when you find the right bait to pull another fish into the boat... I mean project to get someone else started on quilt making. Very cool story.