Friday, August 27, 2021

Flower Friday: August 27, 2021

Special announcement: Wendy Canton Reed who often visits this blog is featured on Barbara Brackman's Material Culture blog today.  Check out the cool quilt she made for the AQSG seminar here as well as the other quilts!  Congratulations Wendy! 


Happy Flower Friday!

Today we have a variety of beauties from your gardens!  Thank you!

Madelon shared her beautiful planters:

Betsy shared her white salvia (first photo) and torenia.  Both self-sowed from last year annuals!  This gives me hope for my coral salvias return next year!

Sue P. shared her portulaca in this pretty bucket and her butterfly bush!

Look at Lorraine's gorgeous hibiscus and below that is an unusual and pretty hosta flower!

From my garden, another perennial gladiola has surfaced:

This year we have more hummingbird moths or hemaris visiting our garden.  My husband was convinced they were baby hummingbirds because of their unusual ability to remain suspended in the air like a hummingbird.  We seem to have more this year than any other and I love watching them.  They are also great pollinators!  This one is to the left of the top flower:

Have a safe and happy day!

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  1. Ooh, I had one of those moths land on the brick outside my office window and didn't know what it was.