Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Tuesday's This and That: August 10, 2021

On Flower Friday, Sue shared a rather weird looking coneflower and asked if anyone knew what it was....and someone did!  Diane P. wrote right away:    "Regarding the photo of the weird coneflower----it's a virus !  We had it last year, pulled out all the plants as per Mike McGrath of 'You Bet Your Garden' & former editor of Organic Gardening, and now we see it's back again.  Strange isn't it ?"

Thanks so much Diane!  I immediately forwarded your email to Sue so she would know.  Of course I had to look it up and see more about it.  Apparently the virus is spread by bugs (leafhoppers) and you can read about it here.  At least Sue doesn't have to remove all the soil where the plant was located!  

Thanks so much Diane!

I found another splasher that I forgot to include last week.  This one has variegated thread!

Have a happy and safe day!


  1. Thanks, Diane and Michele. That cone flower is in repose in the compost bin. I see the article is from the University of Minnesota where my son got his master's in landscape architecture. He works for that state's environmental office and sometimes teaches there!

  2. oh and Susan, get that diseased thing out of the compost and get it into the garbage so it does not spread.