Friday, March 31, 2023

Flower Friday: March 31, 2023


Happy Flower Friday dear friends!

Well it sure is a weird spring for most of us.  So many of my readers are still experiencing winter weather.  And then there is the eastern part of the country...where spring is in full and early bloom.  It's been unusual (to say the least) how early things are blooming but I realized that we are experiencing this:

I can't tell you how many years I found the opposite to be true in our part of Pennsylvania.  So many of you sure are experiencing our typical spring this year.  March so often here comes in like a lamb and then we get a bunch of snow dumped on us.

So today let's celebrate our spring and give you hope that yours is on the way!

Usually the weeping willows showing yellow signals spring to us.  What's unusual is a lot of trees flowering this early:

It's not unusual to see the Siberian Squill bloom early in these parts:

But very rare does the bleeding heart begin to bloom so early:

And here's another early bird, the Pachysandra:

So if you are experiencing spring where you are:  enjoy it!

And if not, know that sooner or later, spring will arrive!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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  1. It's going to be 60 today. The tulips and daffodils have shot up a couple of inches in the past two days.