Saturday, March 18, 2023

National Quilting Day: March 18, 2023

 I know, I don't post on Saturday or Sunday...but today is National Quilting Day!

If you happen to live in the region or get a Create PBS channel, be sure to tune in.  I think they will be running quilting shows for most of the morning and early afternoon.

Apologies--the local create channel has decided to run fundraising instead of our quilting shows.  I called Channel 39 and told them how disappointed I am and that I would no longer be supporting their channel.  And yes, even on the website for Create it lists that these shows are scheduled.

So like Susan put it, I'm going to honor the day by sewing.  Wishing you all well....😁

Wishing you a wonderful day of quilting and the love of sewing!


  1. There goes the yard clean up! Thanks for the tip! Must honor the day.

  2. My husband maintains that for me EVERY day is Quilting Day.