Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Tuesday's This and That: March 7, 2023


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Louise emailed me about a project she made for a quilt group she joined.  She made a book of quilts, celebrating events in her life and quilt history.  What a wonderful idea!  Read her fascinating posts here and here


In other news, there was a recent article about a Mount Vernon flower shop that now has a space available for sewing and crafts.  You can read it here.  What came to my mind was a related idea.  So many quilt shops are struggling these days and actually so are book stores.  Wouldn't it be neat if the two retailers combined into one and offered a book shop area and a fabric shop area...and maybe also a workroom for classes and literary lectures.  Of course I think they should also have a snack bar available there too.  So many quilters who blog also mention the books they are reading that week.  Wouldn't this be a serendipitous partnership?  What do you think?


That's all for today!
Have a safe and happy day!


  1. That is a fun idea about combining the book and quilt stores! My quilt group is actually going to meet this week in a local book store that has a gathering area for groups. I bet some of us go home with books!

  2. There used to be a quilt shop in near me called Patchwork and Pies. The eating area was commonly called the husband waiting room. I went several times with the kids, my mom would have pie with her grand kids and I got fabrics, win-win!