Thursday, March 23, 2023

Daffodil Days

Happy Thursday!

Well my daffodils are finally blooming in the backyard!  It will be a while until the front yard flowers begin to bloom, some of my daffs bloom early, some later.  This may seem like little consolation to those of you who are still battling winter conditions.  But take heart!  Spring will arrive soon!

Some scholars speculate that the daffodil comes from the word Affodyle, meaning "that which comes early."  I've always thought that the center of the flower (technically referred to as the cup) resembles a trumpet and a perfect way to herald in the warmer weather.

Before Flower Friday tomorrow, I thought I would share some of the many quilt patterns that feature daffodils.  

Anne Cabot pattern from 1943:

A more geometric pattern from the St. Louis Dispatch was featured in 1935:

But I'm rather partial to the pattern below.  The title is "Dancing Daffodils" and that too seems like a perfect phrase for the beginning of spring.  The 1934 ad featured this quilt from the Colonial Quilt Book:

What is happening in your garden?  To share images with us all, please email me at

Folks have a safe and happy day.  I'm hearing of more and more people catching covid so please be careful!

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  1. Love the daffodil patterns, the older the better. There was a daffodil block in the Farmer's Wife I stitched but it was geometric and very tricky to get right...I wasn't the only one who complained about it. Imagine you have daffodils up already. My ground is hard as steel right now but I know that will change rapidly.