Friday, March 3, 2023

Flower Friday: March 3, 2023


Happy first Flower Friday of 2023!

What's coming in in your neck of the woods?  We have a nice selection this week!

Libby illustrates that spring is in full bloom in Tennessee!

Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings and just look how many are blooming at Libby's!

Libby's Lenten Rose beginning to bloom:

And her sedum is coming in!


Spring is coming to Sue's home too.  She shows us that indeed Spring is arriving in New Jersey!

Myrtle is beginning to bloom!
And below, Sue's hyacinth is surfacing!

Sue's crocuses are opening with the sun!

And for all you veg gardeners, Sue's got a fine crop of Box Car Willie heirloom tomatoes germinating!  LOL, I love that Sue explained she bought the seeds because she liked the name.  She started the seeds in egg cartons and is now transferring them in newspaper pots.  As she put it (and we all know it to be true), "It beats dusting and vacuuming!  

Over here in Pennsylvania, our crocuses had just begun to bloom when this happened:

Of course the snowdrops don't ever seem to mind anything (except heat).

The crocuses returned and bloomed once the snow melted but it looks like we are in for some more snow tonight.  Despite all this, spring has arrived in eastern Pennsylvania.  When I walked Kerry (my mom's dog) yesterday, an old man said to me in astonishment, "There are buds on the trees already!"

Wishing you all a weekend of springtime discoveries and happiness!

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