Thursday, March 16, 2023

The Wearing of the Green

 Tomorrow is double fun:  St. Patrick's Day and Friendship Friday!

Now I know a lot of folks think of St. Patrick's Day as a day to drink a bit and whoop it up.  I have never been a drinker (which is good because alcohol gives me migraines).  And I don't love St. Patrick's Day because I'm an Irish American...although I am. 

I love St. Patrick's Day because it is the gateway to Spring.  


My favorite Irish themed quilt is this pattern from Anne Cabot that was published in 1942.


One question I have for you...does your family eat anything special for the holiday?  Believe it or not, when I was a child, I never had corned beef and cabbage.  This is somewhat apt since traditional corned beef and cabbage is not the food of the Irish in Ireland but Irish Americans.  I believe they adopted the food from Jewish neighbors when they were in the tenements in NYC.  The first time I had it was  at a pub my sister-in-law owned and we would visit for the holiday.  I loved her version and haven't found any that I like as much as what she made.  

Most Irish eat lamb and colcannon on St. Patrick's Day.  We won't be celebrating the holiday until my husband gets home (he doesn't want to miss it).  

We will skip the lamb which no one wants anyway.  We'll substitute that with a beef roast.  Colcannon is what I'll be preparing for the feast.  It is considered "Irish soul food" and is a combo of cabbage and mashed potatoes (both ingredients my family loves).  There is a good recipe here in case you are interested.


So anything you want to share to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the advent of spring (on Monday!!! 😀), your Gaelic roots (or anyone else's),   email me at

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  1. We'll be having corned beef and cabbage, just because we can. My favorite thing is the Reuben casserole I make with the leftovers.